👋️ Cześć 👋️ Hello 👋️ Cześć 👋️ Hello 👋️ Cześć 👋️ Hello 👋️ Cześć 👋️ Hello 👋️ Cześć 👋️ Hello 👋️ Cześć 👋️ Hello 

My name is Zofia.

I am a freelance graphic designer based in Katowice, Poland. Working in the fields of design, multimedia and photography, I transform ideas into functional and visually captivating realities.

I’m a recent graduate of MA studies at the Academy of Fine Arts & Design in Katowice (Graphic Design department), where i’ve completed my BA before.

Since 2016 i co-organize Cover awArts, a competition for the best polish music cover art of the year (www.coverawarts.com).

I’m a huge music addict and combining my visual creations with sound is a thing i’d love to explore more and more.