👋️ Cześć 👋️ Hello 👋️ Cześć 👋️ Hello 👋️ Cześć 👋️ Hello 👋️ Cześć 👋️ Hello 👋️ Cześć 👋️ Hello 👋️ Cześć 👋️ Hello 

My name is Zofia.

I'm currently doing my master's at the academy at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice at the graphic design department, where i’ve finished my bachelor’s before. I've also graduated from the Academy of Photography in Kraków in 2017. Since 2016 i co-organize Cover awArts, a competition for the best polish music cover art of the year (www.coverawarts.com).

Working in the fields of graphic design, multimedia and photography. Based in Katowice, Poland.

I’m a huge music addict and combining my visual creations with sound is a thing i’d love to explore more and more.